We are Importers Exporters , Local suppliers of
All kinds of Foodstuff

About Us

Since inception Ahlam Aldar General Trading  is emerged from very small company with few business activities to Global leader in the trade of Foodstuff to local and foreign business partners. We dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggressively in the years to come. Our main objective is to always deliver consumer satisfaction on providing premium healthy products and delivering to our customers a true value of their money.
Our standard is to incorporate our skills and develop the ability to handle diverse products and market segments. Our commitment is to learn, anticipate and adapt to an ever changing market needs and wants by investing in research and development enabling constant innovation. Our approach to various projects focuses on working closely with the Consumers and our Suppliers to ensure effective and efficiency.

Our Main Trading domins

  • Vegetables & Fruits Trading
  • Food & Beverages Trading
  • Canned & Preserved Food Trading
  • Honey & Dry food Trading.
  • Fresh Fish & Marine Animals
  • Frozen Fish & Seafood Trading 
  • Salted Preserved Fish & Seafood Trading

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