Our Main Services

  • Business setup.
  • Ejari Service.
  • Dubai Economy Department (DED).
  • New Trade License.
  • Trade License Renewal Cancellation.
  • Labour & Immigration Services.
  • New Quota Work Permit.
  • New Work permit outside / inside the country.
  • Work Permit Contract Inside the country
  • work contract inside/ outside country.
  • Mission Work Permit.
  • New Establishment Card.
  • Renewal of Establishment card
  • Canceling Establishment card
  • E -Signature Card.
  • Modifications and Update Establishment or immigration card.
  • New Immigration Card / Re-newel / Cancellation.

PRO Services

Maid Visa Service

Document Clearance

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Trademark Registration UAE

Employment Visas

Renewal of Family Residency Visas

Visa Cancellations

Renewal/Modification of Business Licenses

Company Documents such as Labour Computer Card and Immigration Card

Investors Visa

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